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Pure Progressive joy, that is

Alpha 9 – All We Need

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Pure Progressive joy, that is what we can say about Alpha 9‘s latest masterpiece “All We Need“. Released on Trance King Armin Van Buuren’s label Armind, the Russian powerhouse delivers a top notch tune, again. “All We Need” fires up all those old-school progressive vibes that continuously bring about waves of nostalgia of years past. However, following recent trends it seems that loads of artists are starting to work progressive vibes back into their productions. Characterized by soaring plucks, massive pads, and four on the floor percussion, Progressive House was once the cornerstone of what Dance Music was all about. Arty (Alpha 9) is a pioneer in the genre, known for his high power collaborations within the scene and his unique ability to blend house and trance together harmoniously.

The State Of Trance progressive pick for ASOT860 was “All We Need”. Armin is known to work in progressive vibes into his own productions as well as garner a label roster that boasts esteemed artists such as Alpha 9. Having recently collaborated with another Russian superstar Shapov, Armin seems to be actively participating in the movement to bring progressive house back to the limelight.

Over the years, the many musical endeavours undertaken by Alpha 9 have proven to be worthwhile and given him much notoriety and respect from his colleagues and promoters. Currently working on a career that involves two aliases, Arty and Alpha 9 are personas you can count on to deliver no frills, high energy dance music. “All We Need” is as clean, pure, and euphoric as it gets. Sonically, the track is very expressive and has a beautifully smooth top line supported by crisp plucks and pumping bass. Perfect for a sunrise bike ride, a road trip with mates, or just lounging, “All We Need” could be the soundtrack just for you!

Dive in to warm pads, riveting plucks, and pure progressive fuel below!

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