Armin van Buuren reflects on Avicii’s death

Avicii‘s tragic passing has touched the hearts of fans and fellow DJ’s alike all across the globe. Gone but never forgotten, Tim’s music will forever live on in the hearts of listeners worldwide. While there is a lesson to be learned from the 28-year-old’s passing, in the meantime, the dance music world is still in mourning – Armin van Buuren included.

In a recent phone interview with SiriusXM, the Dutch Trance legend reflected on Tim’s life, legacy, and even offered a few questions of his own. While the two were never very close, they each shared a strong mutual respect for one another, often exchanging kind words before and after shows, the Dutchman knew of Tim’s struggles, having shared the same management in North America.

“I knew of him and I knew that he was struggling with several issues, and of course I was informed what was going to happen and then I was glad that he actually stopped touring, because y’know he looked really bad y’know, you’d just look at his face. Everybody was worried about him and other DJ’s that I spoke to also expressed their concerns.”

Following his decision to stop touring, Avicii became active on social media, uploading footage of his trips to South America and various other exotic locations across the globe. Evidently looking better, the world was seeing a happier Tim Bergling, hence the reason his premature death came as such a shock.

“If you do your best, then that’s the best you can do. If you can tell yourself, ‘I worked hard on this DJ set, I worked hard on this production, I invested all my time and effort into it’, then that is the best you can do y’know, and I guess Tim couldn’t deal with that, in a way. He was always insecure and that’s terrible if you’re that insecure and that you need alcohol to do a performance on stage. I guess everybody deals with it differently and I’m sad that Tim had a hard time dealing with it”.

Like everyone, he too has questions, however, in honour of Tim’s memory, Armin van Buuren went on to emphasize his sorrow and that he wished not to speculate.

Listen to the full interview below.

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