Carnage – Battered, Bruised & Bloody (Album review)

Fresh off the back of completing a successful run of European tour dates, Guatemalan-American DJ/Producer, Carnage, has unveiled his brand new album, ‘Battered Bruised & Bloody‘; a 13-track production featuring the collaborative talents of Steve Aoki, Migos, Lil Pump and many more.

The opening tracks, ‘Headlock‘ and ‘Block You‘ feature vocals from rappers Killy and Deko respectively. Each backed by a dirty, distorted 808 kickdrum and vocoded lyrics, both tracks captivate listeners throughout their duration. Incorporating  Mac Miller‘s and Made in TYO‘s vocals, ‘Learn How to Watch‘ follows the same dark vibe as the previous two tracks, however, the incorporation of an accordion sets it apart from the others.

Up next is Carnage’s collaboration with Lil Pump. Resounding sirens and heavy 808’s compliment Pump’s full-on vocals, creating a wonderfully chaotic; a surefire crowd-pleaser. Much like previous records on the album, ‘Motorola‘ boasts a dark, ominous vibe, once again, backed by heavy 808’s and Lil B‘s vocals. However, ‘Up NXW‘ changes things up by taking a different approach. Starting off slow, Scarlxrd‘s vocals slowly make their way into the mix, before the bass enters. When combined, Scarlxrd’s rough, full-throated approach compliments the fluctuating 808’s.

MOROKOMBA!‘, featuring Skellism instantly brings the energy up a notch. Arabic-inspired vocals, reverberant synth stabs and 4/4 claps all combine to create an atmospheric breakdown, before the heavy Psy-Trance inspired drop hits. ‘Plur Genocide‘ is up next. The collab, which features Steve Aoki and Australian duo, Lockdown, takes a different direction from that of the other tracks. A certified Minimal tune, the track exemplifies the “Melbourne sound”. Equipped with the duo’s signature pitched-down vocals and hard-hitting kick & bass sounds, the record has Lockdown’s name written all over it.

Visa‘ featuring Young Troy returns to the Hip-Hop side of things but keeps the atmosphere much more mellow, as opposed to previous tracks. Troy’s soft vocals and pads, combined with the smooth, low-lying bass, help separate the track from the rest of the Rap & Hip-Hop material on the album.’Close To Me‘ takes a pleasant turn. Its Latin percussion and soft chords, combined with Reo Cragun‘s Reggae vocals all come together to create a pleasant, soothing sound.’Overtime‘ maintains the chilled vibes, with the assistance of a reverb-soaked guitar, smooth bass and Sebastian & KYLE‘s clean vocals. The low-passed guitar, warm chords and vocals in the breakdown, all combine to create an encapsulating atmosphere.

Bed Bugs‘ follows a similar, mellow formula as ‘Overtime’, making good use of chords, pads and prominent 808’s in combination with Nessly, Yung Pinch, & Takeoff‘s vocals. Last, but not least, is ‘Waterworld‘. Migos’ vocals are instantly recognisable, as they enter the mix alongside a piano and pads. While the choruses use the same 808 driven layout, the breaks provide an excellent contrast for listeners looking for a bit of diversty within the track.

Be sure to check out ‘Battered, Bruised & Bloody’ below and purchase/stream it here.

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