BREAKING: ‘Despacito’ music video with 5 Billion views and others removed in YouTube’s biggest hacking to date

One of the world’s biggest music video sources, if not the biggest, Vevo streaming service’s account on popular site YouTube has been hacked in what seems to be the biggest cyber attack on the service in recent history.

The world’s most streamed music video Despacito by Latino artists Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi has been removed from the account, having just crossed the 5 billion view mark and gained the title of the most streamed video ever published on the platform. Other artists affected have been industry heavyweights such as Shakira, Drake, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift, with all of the aforementioned having a handful of their videos removed during the cyber attack.

Some of the content remains on the site, having either the titles changed to include the names of the hackers, or the cover images replaced. A variety of videos remain untouched as this article is being written but there seem to be no signs of the attack slowing down.

twitter account apparently belonging to one of the hackers sent out a tweet poking fun at the attack.

When will this attack stop and how much more content will be affected? Only time will tell but hopefully, the affected videos are able to be restored.