Exclusive Interview: D.O.D discusses Afrojack collaboration, and how ‘Axwell changed my life’

Few DJs in world music have enjoyed such a meteoric rise in recent years as the one experienced by British superstar D.O.D. The Lancaster producer, (real name Dan O’Donnell), has become the leading pioneer of his own genre, a new sound that D.O.D himself dubs as “Future Jack.”

Releasing a flurry of hits across Mixmash Records with Laidback Luke, it wasn’t until 2017 that the multi-talented Brit rocketed in the consciousness of mainstream music fans everywhere, when Axwell signed Dan’s festival banger ‘Sixes’ to his Axtone label. Characterised by its heavy electronic sounds, the track, in Dan’s own words, “Changed my life”, with the producer going on to release a heavy arsenal of further hits on the label, including summer 2017 monster ‘Unforgettable’, ‘Incline’, and Moksi collaboration ‘Higher.’

Catching up with D.O.D backstage at the Axtone pool party in Miami, the fast rising Briton told us about his plans for the Future Jack genre, and talked us through 2018 – a year when he plans to “Stay ahead of everyone else.”


D.O.D! 2018 is looking like another huge year for you, what can we expect this year?

“Expect lots of new music, loads of future jack bangers, so many new IDs, I’m feeling great and ready to make so much new music!”

So do you think you’ll be carrying on with a similar Future Jack sound? Or maybe experimenting a little more broadly with your tones this year?

“Well I’ve always tested the water with different styles, and that sound is always going to be there, but I’m also branching out, I’ve done a collab with Afrojack, doing some stuff with Sander van Doorn, and a big big vocal track coming out on Axtone too, so I’m always in the studio!”

So what does Miami Music Week mean to you? A time to showcase new music, right?

“Yeah, of course! Miami for me this year, six shows, and it is all about delivering new music and giving the fans – who have paid so much to be here – some fresh gifts.”

So how does the American dance industry differ from your own home country, the United Kingdom?

“To be honest, I never really play in the UK really anymore, the UK is the leading light in underground music, but I’m not sure there is a call for my type of music there right now, I’m just enjoying sharing my music with new places, new countries, and spreading my sound!”

So where can the fans catch you this year?

“I’m playing a lot of festivals, Tomorrowland I’ll be there on the Axtone stage, Parookaville too. So I’ll be all over the place!”

Finally, just to touch on Axtone, and Axwell himself. How did his influence play a part in your career?

“Yeah I sent ‘Sixes’ to Ax, and he said straight away “This is sick!” and he played it in front of 5,000 people so he changed my life! 2018, I’m keeping it fresh, and staying ahead of the pack, that is what I’m all about!”

One of dance music’s most highly personable characters, D.O.D stands out as one of the most refreshing talents in the industry right now, as he continues to pioneer his signature sound through 2018 and beyond. His latest track ‘Started’, with Afrojack, is out now, and you can hear it below!

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