Exclusive Interview: CID discusses ‘Bad For Me’ EP, and his incredible friendship with Don Diablo

Few producers in world music right now can offer such a unique and instantly recognisable sound as CID. The New Yorker, best known for his work on Don Diablo‘s Hexagon label, blends a funky fresh future house sound, with melodic chords, and continues to grow as one of the most hotly tipped producers on the scene. At just 11 years old, Carlos (CID) would take the bus to his favourite record shop, where he spent hours looking for new music. It wasn’t long before some of New York’s finest DJs became increasingly curious about this enthusiastic young kid who was casually browsing the same records that they’d been spinning at clubs the night before.

CID started DJ’ing at just 12 years old at his father’s restaurant in Queens. And was soon inspired to produce his own music. It soon became evident that CID was not only a talented DJ but also an in-demand engineer and producer. We Rave You sat down with the American star at the Axtone party during Miami Music Week, as CID described his path for 2018, his ‘brother from another mother’ Don Diablo, and much more…


CID! Welcome to Miami! Let’s talk about your ‘Bad For Me’ EP… 3 tracks of amazing Hexagon brilliance!

“Thanks! The EP was really pushed by Don. We spoke about doing something together and he was really adamant about saying, “I wanna help you”, and he wanted to push me, and my name. So he was playing my track ‘Work’ for the past year. Then around in November, he said, “Maybe let’s release an EP, so I can push this for Hexagon?” – I played him ‘I Miss You‘ and he was like, “I want It!” He’s a great friend and I have him to thank for this EP.”

It sounds like Don has been a fantastic mentor figure to you! So how did you first meet eachother?

“Back beforeStarlight’ came out on Axtone, Don was part of a management team I was part of, so we connected over email and got on Skype together. We connected so well musically, and it was super organic. But from there, we sparked this crazy friendship. I’d be in New York, he’d be in Amsterdam. But even in the middle of the night we would Skype, and discuss ideas. And the friendship grew. So we almost made this weird duo kind of act, and this was before house started coming up. Steve Angello loved it, and for both of us, everything changed from that point. Nothing has changed between us though and our friendship, Don always answers his phone when I call, he is always there for me! He is like a brother to me.”

So how does the dance music scene where you are from (New York) compare to here in Miami?

“I think New York now is super underground. Miami is the same I suppose, apart from MMW, but even here I hear lots of tech, lots of tech-house. Lots of IDs, especially during Miami Music Week. Actually… Some exclusive news for you. I’m looking at launching my own label, which I can’t give a name for right now. But that’s really exciting, and that should be happening soon!”

Wow! Your own label! So 2018 is going to be a huge one for you, right?

“Yeah so obviously I got the Grammy (Best Remixed Recording), but now I want to consistently release new music this year. A new one every 4-6 weeks is the aim. I have a huge new single coming out in April via Jason Ellis, who has signed it to Virgin. I’ve always been a huge fan of Positiva. So I’m really excited! It’s a really quirky, and I have a good feeling about it, the track is called ‘Money’!”

Delivering a funky fresh set to the Axtone pool party at Miami’s Delano hotel, CID is just about the hottest property in dance music right now. Backed by huge names including Oliver Heldens, Kaskade, Galantis, and obviously – Don Diablo – 2018 looks like the year when CID looks set to really skyrocket into the upper echelons of the industry. You can check out his brilliant ‘Bad For Me’ EP below!

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