MELD – H.U.R.T. (The Remixes)

In January of 2017, MELD (Melanie Dewey) released her debut EP ‘H.U.R.T.’ (Healing Under Rising Truth). Having landed her single ‘Easy On The Game‘ on Hype Machine, the track culminated the EP’s success. Given the excellent achievement, a follow-up remix album was only fitting. Featuring collaborations and remixes from Felice, Y-Diz, Smurphio, SAER, Daniel Simmons, Spaceship Earth, Waterchild, and Batavia, the album showcases an array of diversity.

The album explores so many genres within electronic music. Felice brings a DnB/Progressive House vibe to the album, while YDIZ boasts a dark psychedelic Hip-Hop vibe. Smurphio (part of the Miami-based duo Afrobeta,) brings a Latin rhythmic flair, to the album while everything else ranges from Chillout to Trance, further diversifying the album.

When speaking on the album, Melanie Dewey explained the following:

“We wanted to create something that was colorful, inspired, and surprising. Rather than supporting the idea that a record should stay in one vibe and/or genre the entire time, we wanted to honor the natural up and down’s of human nature for this remix album. It’s natural to crave a variety of emotions and genres from the music we listen to! That’s why we chose such an eclectic array of producers to work with.”

MELD’s music is an eclectic soulful journey. Drawing inspiration from her two favourite genres, Electronica and Classic Soul, she has created a unique fusion of musical elements. After last year’s EP release success, MELD felt inspired to explore a new process of creating musical content. Having never before worked with DJs or producers to remix her music, the concept of doing a remix album called to her.

Listen to MELD’s H.U.R.T remixes album below!

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