NIXIS – Enemies (ft. Bodhi Jones)

Norwegian ElectroPop Producer/DJ Nikolai Sissener, a.k.a NIXIS has returned with another Pop ballad titled, ‘Enemies‘ with Bodhi Jones. Having previously released tracks such as ‘Lifetime‘ featuring Veronica and ‘TO.GET.HER‘, the young Norwegian is adding to his ever-growing collection of Electronica & Pop-infused tracks.

The track opens up with a lovely piano melody alongside a slowly-rising synth melody. The synth gradually rises thanks to a high-pass filter, as a male vocal appears in the centre of the mix. Soon enough, a warm bass makes its way into the mix just before the drop arrives. Driven by a big kick and the solid bass, rapid hats and vocals help fill out the track while lead synths play in the background. Proving to be a crafty combination, the happy chord progressions compliment the easy-listening, radio-friendly male vocal that rings throughout the track.

While Nikolai’s aforementioned tracks were featured on We Rave You, he’s had a number of other tracks which have gained excellent exposure. His solo record, ‘Flow‘ has earned almost 16,000 plays on SoundCloud, while his other collaboration with Veronica; ‘When You Tell Me‘ accumulated more than 12,000 plays. Despite his modest following, Nikolai boasts an excellent catalogue of music. Be sure to keep an ear out for NIXIS in the future.

Listen to ‘Enemies’ below and grab your copy here.

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