Premiere: Runik – Waiting (City Lights) (Official Music Video)

As part of the second installment of their ‘NightVision’ EP, Paraguayan duo Runik have released a stunning music video to accompany the equally impressive new track ‘Waiting (City Lights)’. Consisting of Gaspar Zaldivar and Guillermo Corvalan, their innovative fusion of French electro and 80s dance is refreshing and unique, and is exemplified perfectly in their latest productions. Originally released as an instrumental, the freshly added vocal adds new life to what was previously ‘City Lights’, giving it a whole other dimension.

The music video was directed by Guti Gonzalez and features Argentinian beauty Agus Bruenner. The concept for the video revolves around Agus’ trippy memories of herself dancing to the song in some hidden location in Asunción. According to the artists, they recognised that even after its release, ‘City Lights’ still had potential if they could find the right vocal, so they called upon Monty Wells to record the topline with a sweet Disco feeling that gave the track an entirely different vibe. In the end, it became their personal favourite of the EP.

Check out the music video in full below, as Runik and their production team deliver a music video that compliments the song’s virbrant rhythm perfectly.


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