Czech model reveals details of secret relationship with Avicii

Mulling over the heartwrenching details Avicii‘s family put forth that his evident cause of death was suicide – 25-year-old Czech model Tereza Kačerová has revealed details on the couple’s secret relationship. The dance icon’s death came as a shock to the world with many taking to social media, posting their heartfelt condolences, prayers and wishes to Avicii’s family and loved ones. As the community learned about the manner of his death, artists also began to raise awareness surrounding depression, social-angst, and the long-term weight touring can have on an artist.

However, the most unexpected response came from Avicii’s secret partner, Tereza Kačerová – who came out on Instagram with a heartfelt letter written to Tim detailing their time together, memories, and even struggles, within their relationship. She goes into details regarding their first date saying Tim, “Bought out a flower seller’s entire stock of red roses.”

Kačerová continues:

“We shot to the stars. We were so happy together. And now, now I just want to jump into a pool of cold water and be torn out of this nightmare.”

The model even recollects Tim’s encounter with her son Luka and recounts stories and thoughts of the two. One of the last in an airport she recalls, “Last time we were at an airport they called out ‘Bergling, Garrett, Kačerová please get to the gate’ and we made it, you sprinting with Luka on your shoulders and me with the stroller and our stuff loaded into it, both out of breath and ready to strangle each other, I thought ‘I never. Wanna hear that on the loudspeakers. At an airport. Ever again.‘ Now it would be music to my ears.