The AVC – Where I Wanna Be

New York-based Deep-Pop duo, The AVC are proud to announce the launch of their debut release, ‘Where I Wanna Be.’ The AVC launched in mid-2017 when Carlo Olcese reunited with long-time friend, Fahad Asam. Having first met in their high school’s AV Club (hence the name) the two rekindled their friendship when making rotations around the New York City DJ circuit.

Combining Olcese’s love of Hip-Hop and old-school pop, with Asam’s more EDM-oriented technical skills, the duo brings a new flavour to the Deep House scene. A perfect tropical tune to kick off summer, ‘Where I Wanna Be’ mixes deep bass lines with groovy pop beats that will have listeners. dancing all night long. Mixing soft female vocals with warm pianos, the verses are just as calming as the infectious, sun-soaked rop, driven by a sexy Saxophone and reverberant piano.

When describing the song, Olcese explains:

“Ever taste a habanero hot sauce that doesn’t taste hot at first but slowly creeps into your throat and mouth? ‘Where I Wanna Be’ is a habanero pepper, starting off with just a little spice before slowly building into a crescendo of flavor. By the time the peak wears off you’re already wanting more.”

Be sure to listen to ‘Where I Wanna Be’ below!

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