BREAKING: Starkillers drops 12-track unreleased Avicii album

Avicii‘s sudden and tragic death has sent shockwaves throughout the world. More than just a DJ and a producer, Tim told stories through his music and inspiring the entire world with his infectious melodies and iconic collaborations. Each individual chooses to cope with his death in their own way.

For those who honour his memory and seek closure and comfort through his music, a small ray of light has made its way into times of darkness. American friend and collaborator, Starkillers, recently took to Twitter to reveal a collaborative 12-track album the two worked on in 2009. Previously unreleased, the 40-year-old decided to bestow the project upon the world, in a touching gesture, hoping to bring happiness to a world full of sorrow.

Today, Nick Terranova (Starkillers) revealed a full-length album of unreleased music from a collaborative project with Avicii from 2009. Starkillers’ brother uploaded all 12 tracks from the album to YouTube for fans to enjoy. Below, is a statement from Nick’s brother:

“In 2009 I got to spend quite a bit of time with Tim (Avicii). Him and my brother Nick (Starkillers) made a lot of music together, while they lived together in Las Vegas. Most of that of that music didn’t come out as contracts where written and that following summer the history that we all have come to know happened for Avicii. Here is some of the music that did make it. Not as close in the last few years. But he will be missed by my brother and myself very much.”

While no official statement has been made regarding Tim’s cause of death, it has been reported that his body will be flown back to Sweden this week.

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