Yaysh – Get 2 Kno Me

U.S. based recording artist Yaysh is representing the female population of today’s music industry with pride as she continues to deliver feel-good, heartfelt music in her exquisitely produced singles. As part of her latest EP, she has released “Get 2 Kno Me”; a romantic, reggae-pop song about falling in love. Freestyled out of both joy and sadness and in a reflection of a culture increasingly afraid to fall in love, Yaysh explores the notions of vulnerability, self-esteem, lovemaking, and the overarching fearlessness of diving headfirst into a romantic relationship with her latest release and accompanying music video.

By no means your typical dance track, “Get 2 Kno Me” simultaneously offers a certain level of depth, present in the lyrics, as well as a more mellow, relaxing, positive vibe drawn from the reggae-pop influences of the track. Yet despite the calming vibe, the track is provocative, as Yaysh blends some of the best components of commercially appealing dance music, typified by lush chord progressions, atmospheric vocals, and a vibrant rhythm, to create a track that is sure to appeal to a broad and diverse array of listeners.

Be sure to add “Get 2 Kno Me” to your playlist, and check out the rest of her EP.