Youtuber JJ Riordan recreates epic version of Camelphat’s smash hit ‘Cola’

Since the release of Camelphat and Elderbrook‘s smash hit ‘Cola’ last June, the track has become one of the most instantly recognisable house productions to hit the electronic dance music scene. Not only did it take over the radio racking up play after play, Camelphat’s sub-soaked sounds turned out to be a true summer anthem throughout 2017 after earning huge support from some of the industries biggest artists including a very recent remix from Teamworkx. Of course, the track proved a successful hit among fans with the production racking up over 39 million plays on Youtube and more than 68 millions streams on Spotify to date.

Now the track has become part of the latest viral video to hit the internet. Thanks to youtube JJ Riordan and Beyond the Wash, the creative mind has recreated the iconic track ‘Cola’ through the use of Coca-Cola bottles and cans and it is sensational. Who knew the plastic bottles, cans, and even bottle lids could sound so good as JJ Riordan whips up this innovative video of Camelphat’s smash-hit. In the music video, you can watch the Youtuber use the Coca-cola apparatus effectively to recreate the sounds similar to those heard in the track. JJ Riordan’s creative ways include blowing into empty and part filled bottles, tapping Coca-Cola caps on the side of a glass bottle, and even plucking at the pull-ring of a can.

Although the video has earned just under two thousand views, it is sure to take off soon as the viral video gains traction with Youtube’s massive audience. Check out the video below and get ready to be blown away by its creativity. Check out the similarity to Camelphat’s original production here.