Zedd tours his $16 million dollar Beverly Hills Estate

Superstar music producer Zedd has opened the doors on his $16 million dollar Beverley Hills Estate and it is absolutely stunning. Architectural Digest had the opportunity to get an inside look of the Hollywood home as part of their Open Door series which gives tours of celebrities homes. Robert Downey JR., John Legend, and Neil Patrick Harris are just a handful of celebrities whose homes have featured on the show in previous episodes.

Located high on Benedict Canyon, the 9,400 square foot home is jaw-droppingly beautiful both inside and out. In just under 10 minutes, Zedd gives an all-access tour of his self-decorated home with plenty of detail to share. There are some super impressive features of this Beverly Hills estate. The home was built around a tree that sits inside the walls (although Zedd admits it is dying). The luscious pool is kept at 97 degrees and has an overflow design, which once switched to jacuzzi mode allows the water level to lower making way for the hot tub, swanky! The music producer demonstrates the pinnacle of inside/outside living as he retracts the huge glass walls to open up the living space. But perhaps the best part of the home is the fact the ‘Clarity’ star has his own Skittles machine. A Skittles machine, as if we were not jealous enough already.

The artist shows us where the garage is yet to be converted into his music studio, however, we can not wait to see that when it is finished and have the record producer pump out more great music like his most recent production ‘The Middle‘. Check out the full video of Zedd’s Beverley Hills Estate and let us know your favourite part of the home.