Axtone’s anthemic ‘Falling (Committed to Sparkle Motion)’ turns 5 years old

Ticking to clocks back to 2013, we remember one of the greatest Progressive House jewels to ever come from Axtone Records. In 2012, the track ” Falling (Committed to Sparkle Motion)” was a notable record and Axtone claimed it to be “arguably the ‘ID’ track of the year”. The mystique of the song was hyped for months as no official release was given even as the track was played out by stars such as Axwell, Tiesto, David Guetta, Nicky Romero, Avicii and the SHM. There truly is so much to love about the record, whether your favourite version was by Dubvision, CLMD, Axwell, or Discopolis themselves, it is a little trip down memory lane.

With more than a million views on Youtube the Dubvision remix for Scottish Indie-rock band Discopolis’ track “Falling (Committed to Sparkle Motion)” remains as one of the most cherished. At the time, the Dutch duo were hot of the heels of “All By Myself” and their collaboration with Project 46 “You & I”. Their rendition is euphoric, catchy, and naturally features that beautiful Progressive sound. The track was paramount in the sets of Swedish House Mafia and both versions were included in the famous “One Last Tour: A Live Soundtrack” which included the groups last set in Los Angeles, California.

All remix versions and the original come together in contrast of each other to complete this spectacle of a song. Speaking to the remix by Axwell, the track received a premiere from Zane Lowe on his BBC Radio 1 show in 2013. For sentimental value, here were his thoughts on the mix.

“Discopolis – Falling, Axwell’s mix. Sounded brilliant, interesting to see how the Swedes are branching out and what their first movements are following the dismantling of that trio. You got Axwell, moving into the big radio records world with a massive mix of Discopolis, it sounded huge I thought.”

This was a rather unique mix for Axtone as there were only a few records from them that contained music from the dubbed “alternative world”. Axwell has remixed many Indie/Alternaive bands before including Coldplay, Temper Trap and Hard Fi. Offering a nice balance to the vibes of the original, both Dubvision and Axwell curated remixes that were conducive to new and established sounds, further expanding Axtone’s stature.

The original, CLMD’s take, Axwell’s version, or Dubvision’s? What’s your favourite?! Check out the Dutch duo’s remix below.