Gorillaz tease new music arriving on June 29th

Long considered to be one of the most mystic yet highly respected groups in the music industry, Gorillaz have shown an impressive rise to the top over the span of their career. One of their most well-known works is the meteoric ‘Feel Good Inc’ which is still doing the rounds around the globe as one of the best songs ever.

The group’s latest album titled ‘Humanz’ was a huge success and saw them take off on a global tour performing tracks old and new. It was their 5th album to be unleashed on the world and it came almost 6 years after their album ‘The Fall’. They are known to put out unique and groovy music that keeps listeners wanting more and fear spread that there would be another wait of several years before any new music was released. In an interview last year, two of the band members Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn revealed that there is an album forthcoming in the year 2018 but nothing was announced this year, until recently.

All Points East is an arts festival taking place in London at the moment and fans have noticed strange posters plastered up that are reminiscent of an Instagram post the band’s illustrator posted. The posters also pointed to a website that plays strange music and flashes a highly noticeable image before the date June 29 appears.

Could this be the album the two band members mentioned last year? Let us know in the comments what you think.