IMS Business Report: Beatport’s highest selling music genres

Per the IMS Business Report, techno remains among the hype taking Beatport’s #1 top-selling genre. Following closely behind in order of sales are tech-house, house, deep house, and drum & bass which round out the top 5. A new landing at number 6, and newly introduced genre in March, melodic house & techno, (which is not to be rounded in with the techno genre itself) finds its way high up the top sales listing by genre.

With an unexpected growth in sales over 2018, Beatport also recently introduced a new feature called the “Hype Charts” to support new up and coming labels. The feature as Beatport explains, will be:

“launching across the store in early June… Adding these charts also further refines the Beatport experience for DJs, making it easier to identify unique, up-and-coming releases from all over the world. Independent music comprises 96-percent of Beatport sales, with approximately 25,000 new releases added each week.”

After reading the full report, the digital sales platform reveals some interesting statistics and figures in its reported idea behind implementing Hype Charts across the store. Not only will the Hype Charts be integral to the store moving forward but each genre will also sport a “Hype Picks” section in which would feature prominent “Hype Charts” placers within that specific genre.

Even in a time where digital music sales are exponentially declining and streaming is exponentially growing, Beatport plans to integrate new plans of streaming and offline streaming as well. For those who are used to the current Beatport layout it certainly seems like it will take some time to get used to. However, it comes with an imperative feature for any music lover, being able to easily browse through some of the most talented up and comers in a simple, easy to navigate fashion, and that’s why with their progressive outlook, Beatport’s sales and development as a platform will only continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

Take a look at Beatport’s list of top-selling genres below.

Beatport Hype Techno