Swedish House Mafia ultra music festival reunion 2018

Sebastian Ingrosso reignites Swedish House Mafia tour rumours

Nothing can ever be said about legendary house music trio Swedish House Mafia that could do them justice. They have been one of the most influential groups in the history of dance music, inspiring millions of people around the world with their unique tracks such as ‘Don’t You Worry Childand ‘Save The World‘, which just celebrated its 7 year anniversary. After a series of monstrous releases and record breaking shows, the ecliptic trio announced their breakup and that their final performance together would be during the 2013 edition of Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

Years later following the heartbreak and demand of their fans all over the world, Swedish House Mafia sent the world into a whirlwind of shock when they reunited for a surprise special performance at Ultra Music Festival earlier this year in Miami. Teasers had been posted on social media and throughout Miami in the months leading to the performance but no one could have known for sure that it was actually going to happen. It wasn’t clear at the end of their performance if the group would be reuniting for good this time or not and it has been a topic of hot debate ever since.

One of the group’s founding members Sebastian Ingrosso took to his Instagram story to post the image below, reigniting the fire that fuels the rumours of another Swedish House Mafia performance. Upon closer inspection, it can be noticed that the flyer is of low quality and the fonts are very inconsistent throughout the flyer. Could this be an attempt to tease fans for an actual performance or is it a practical joke played by Ingrosso? Only time will tell, stay tuned as we bring you the latest updates.

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