Mark Sixma – Sinfonia

Few artists in the world need little to no introduction and Mark Sixma is unequivocally one of those. The Trance heavyweight has been reigning the scene long before the genre’s meteoric rise to the top. Hailing from the Dutch town of Breda, Sixma has been blessing the fans’ ears with top notch releases since day one and has hardly ever disappointed. His latest release titled ‘Sinfonia’ is a commemoration of old-school Sixma sounds and showcases clear influences  from evolving sound.

Premiered earlier this year at Ultra Music Festival Miami by the one and only Armin Van Buuren, ‘Sinfonia’ initially was an ID that sent the festival attendees into a cataclysmic cycle of awe. The track opens up with a triplet beat inducing nostalgia for Sixma’s older work and keeps building up to what seems to be an earth-shaking drop. The drop is a mix of heart-shaking bass in addition to melodic synths and elements which reminds all of what makes Sixma one of the best in the genre. He is never afraid to experiment with new sounds while somehow finding a way to keep his signature and fabled elements present. The track keeps up its momentum right through the second drop and all the way till the end, taking the listener on a wild journey filled with emotion and joyous hope.

You can stream the track below or grab a much-needed copy for your collection here.