Marshmello – You Can Cry (feat James Arthur & Juicy J)

After several marquee releases including his feature ‘Everyday‘ with Logic, and ‘FRIENDS‘ featuring Anne-Marie, Marshmello has once again proven his star-power teaming up with Juicy J and James Arthur for his latest single ‘You Can Cry‘. The edible enigma has impressed fans globally with his ability to produce tracks with such elite musical talent. Marshmello’s discography is packed with incredible names, but that’s not even the main attraction when it comes to ‘You Can Cry‘.

His ability to genre cross and have an ear for a hit show why the DJ is the 4th most streamed artist in the world on Spotify. Marshmello puts himself alongside names such as Calvin Harris, ZEDD, Diplo, Skrillex and the late Avicii, to be able to consistently produce some of the world’s top tracks regardless of a genre restriction, which only the most talented musicians can achieve.

On ‘You Can Cry‘, the producer makes use of engagingly snappy high-hats, driving 808 patterns and enticing melodic lines. However – the differences lie in the emotional keys and vocal presence of James Arthur on the latest hip-hop venture for our fluffy friend. It’s here that Marshmello provides a notably different side to his rather upbeat and happy go lucky productions. Even Juicy J, the former member of Three 6 Mafia, delivers a relatively soft and reserved verse for the superstar’s production.

Listen to Marshmello’s newest single ‘You Can Cry’ below via Spotify.