Oliver Heldens: “I want to write a song about Avicii”

A month after the passing of Avicii, and the music world is still mourning the loss of the Swedish producer, who served as a hero and inspiration to many. With numerous DJs dropping tribute sets to the ‘Wake Me Up’ star in their recent EDC Las Vegas sets, Dutch house supremo Oliver Heldens has now shared this thoughts on the topic, via his official Twitter account, with a post that read:

“I feel like writin (sic) a song about Avicii, but I don’t wanna disrespect anyone at the same time, so it’s prob gonna be some prog house, cause that’s Avicii to me: the best melodies. I just dislike when people milk shit out like toothpaste in a small tube , some point it’s finished 🙁 “

The ‘Gecko’ producer, who burst into the mainstream consciousness around late 2013, when Avicii was at the summit of the industry, is well known for his incredible bass-heavy futuristic tracks, like ‘Koala (Last All Night)’ and Throttle collaboration, ‘Waiting’, so we’d love to hear whatever song he plans to produce and dedicate to the late, great, Tim Bergling.

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