Trap Like

Teamworx & AYOR tease upcoming Protocol release ‘Trap Like’

As festival season has officially hit the ground running, this also means a slew of music and IDs as well. With EDC and several other marquee festivals right around the corner, lots of upcoming music has been previewed and put on an auditory display to the public. Needless to say, Teamworx & AYOR‘s upcoming release on Protocol, ‘Trap Like‘ is another song that has recently been previewed to the public via SoundCloud. With a release date set for May 25th, the tune is likely to garner some incredible attention with plenty of eagerly waiting ears out on the label.

Following their previous release with label head Nicky Romero himself via Protocol, ‘Champion Sound‘, the Israeli duo have continued to make a global name for themselves by continuing to release amazingly engineered tunes on high profile labels. Not to mention collaborating and regularly being featured with some of the electronic dance worlds most influential and star-powered names such as Thomas Feelman, Tom Swoon, Dannic, Corey James and previously mentioned Nicky Romero. While Teamworx musical style has remained much the same as their previous releases their collaborating partner on ‘Trap Like‘, AYOR, is a bit more of a mystery.

The DJ’s name is an abbreviation for “At Your Own Risk” which bodes a mildly eerie tone. Besides that, no other information on the DJ has been made public – all we know about AYOR is that they/he/she now have a major slotted Protocol release with Teamworx.

Upon what is reviewable on the preview of the track, expect a real house natured tune inspired by the trap genres use of percussive elements. The track seemingly uses plucking melodic synths in combination with massive synth lead builds.

Check out the preview for Teamworx & AYOR’s ‘Trap Like’ below via SoundCloud: