Home Uncategorized Third Party’s timeless anthem ‘Everyday Of My Life’ turns 4 years old
If there ever was a

Third Party’s timeless anthem ‘Everyday Of My Life’ turns 4 years old

Home Uncategorized Third Party’s timeless anthem ‘Everyday Of My Life’ turns 4 years old

If there ever was a song that perfectly captures the essence of everything progressive house stands for, “Everyday Of My Life” just might be it. Released in May of 2014, the track quickly started to take the world by storm once people became captivated by its charm. As the months rolled by the track started to gain legendary status as the infectious melody seemed impossible to forget. Third Party are leaders in the progressive house genre and their album Hope includes many progressive beauties that are etched as some of the genres finest. Whether you love trance, house, dubstep, or everything in between, you surely would have run into “Everyday Of My Life” once or twice.

The mesmerizing vocal sample included in the track goes as far back to the 1970s. The sample is a cut of the hook that comes from the version prepared in House Traffic’s “Everyday Of My Life”. This contains the iconic vocal verse we know today. The exact design that Third Party sampled comes from DAJAE and can be heard raw in their track “Everyday Of My Life” released on Defected Records in 2001.  Naturally, the story does not end there as the sample runs even deeper into music’s historical catalog. The sample originally comes from First Choice’s “Let No Man Put Asunder” released in 1977. It is a long road down the rabbit hole to outline all the the tracks that contain the sampled lyrics albeit the hook was first created by them. With so many renditions and remixes the true identity of the sample has been clouded over the decades. Remixes from the house godfather Frankie Knuckles even feature the breathtaking work of First Choice.

The track landed massive respect and support as it was used in the promo for Steve Angello’s upcoming show at the O2 Academy in Brixton, London in 2014. As the track was released under Size Records, Third Party stunned a large network of fans with this historic single. When their album Hope was released, the duo payed homage to their historical milestone and cooked up a V.I.P mix which features a stunning stripped down intro and outro. Year after year, Third Party facilitate this track as one of the bedrocks of their live shows and it even resembles the live reaction that Avicii’s “Levels” commands when played live. The crowd truly brings out the best in the record as nothing but pure joy and happiness is protruding from the song. Both the melody and the vocal below out from the sky as the clean and crisp chords ring down upon the ears of the listener. With a strong rhythm and powerful groove, the track contains a special energy few tracks hold.

This is what house music is all about, let’s celebrate “Everyday Of My Life” below.


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