Carl Cox says “Martin Garrix has become the face of the future”

Techno legend Carl Cox has recently given his views on the superstar Dutch DJ and producer that is Martijn Garritsen. Known on stage as Martin Garrix, the young boy that first set out on his career with hits like ‘Animals’ and ‘Error 404’ has developed into not only one of electronic music’s biggest names but one of the worlds biggest artists. Boasting performances at Tomorrowland and Ultra, plus his own residency in Ibiza year on year, Garrix has reached heights higher than he could’ve predicted. 5 years on from the release of ‘Animals – one of his biggest tracks – Carl Cox has given his insight on the producer, and what he brings to the music scene.

The pair are not unfamiliar to one another on a personal level, as Cox and Garrix starred in the documentary titled ‘What We Started‘, which was released in March. In an interview with DJ Mag, Cox spoke about the film and stated how Garrix’s rise through the ranks is ‘unbelievable’. Speaking about Garrix, he says that:

I’m not taking anything away from him, he’s created his path and is having the time of his life. He’s become the face of the future.

He’s become the face of the future: surely the most rewarding words for Martin Garrix to hear from a person of such standing as Carl Cox. Garrix’s ability and musical ear has given him the opportunity to create some of the best loved tracks of recent years. Such a rise through the electronic music community means it has ‘taken him five years from being in his bedroom to commanding the money he does’, as Cox states in the interview. Garrix’s remarkable rise continues, and shows no signs of slowing down. With his own label STMPD Records releasing regular music, continued festival main stage performances, and his own releases coming too, the Dutchman is set to continue his reign as one of electronic music’s biggest stars.

Check out the trailer for ‘What We Started’ below:


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