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Creamfields unveil brand new ‘Generator’ stage for 2018

Already grabbing the headlines with their industry-leading production values, Creamfields continue to ramp up the pace for their 2018 edition. Fresh off the back of announcing the groundbreaking 360-degree SILO arena, the festival has unveiled another new and exciting stage structure for the fields of Daresbury… Generator.

Generator is another bold leap for Creamfields, a cavernous structure made of scaffold and shipping containers, giving the arena an industrial feel that has more than a few surprises in store. Building on the multi-tiered concept of SILO, several sections of Generator’s walls also double as viewing galleries, providing a unique experience unlike no other. The main structure is just the start though, as things really start to get interesting when it comes to the possibilities opened up by Generator’s very nature.

The abundance of scaffold and trussing that makes up the structure is also a production designer’s dream. As a result, Generator will provide an all-round spectacle that will include an enormous all-encompassing and multi-dimensional wall of LED screens at the stage end, not to mention an abundance of lights, lasers, and pyro that will span the length and breadth of the structure. Once again, the bar has been raised, with Generator proving that when it comes to pushing the limits of what is possible, Creamfields remains way ahead of the curve, with the likes of Virtual Self, and Steve Angello both playing in the new arena over the course of the weekend.

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