Hottest Upcoming Music Festivals

It is that time again, music enthusiasts from all over the world are getting pumped up and excited about some upcoming music festivals featuring their favorite artists. There has never been a better time to be involved in the music scene, as there are more talented and unique artists active and successful out there than ever before. Whether you are just looking to meet some new like minded friends, or hoping to make some new memories with your old friends, music festivals are a place where people explore themselves and each other in an electrified atmosphere that takes them to new heights. There is just nothing like throbbing music pumping over a roaring crowd. If you don’t want to miss out on the action we have put together a list of some of the hottest upcoming festivals.

A Surprising Fan

There is no lack of great music festivals coming up, but what may surprise you is the kind of fandom that they attract. It isn’t just thrill seeking college students and free spirited hippies that enjoy music festivals, they also attract a more mature audience looking to wind down, blow off some steam, and even check out the latest innovations in the music industry. Big profile names attend these festivals, some publically, some privately. Big and surprising influential names like Elon Musk show up to these festivals, adding to the magic and mystique that goes on both center and back stage.

The Low Down

It is an exciting time, many music festivals are coming up that promise to be even bigger and better than any of the previous ones. Each year the fandom gets bigger, more artists get attracted. Here is our list of some of the best and most exciting upcoming events:

Sean White’s Air & Freestyle Festival – Snowboarding legend Sean White put this festival together four years ago, attracting some of the best snowboarding athletes around, as well as some of the best music artists. This is an event you don’t want to miss.

South by Southwest – This is a great underground festival that will help you find some undiscovered talent. A lesser known venue, there is lots of diamonds in the rough to be found and it has a cheaper price tag than most venues.

Ultra Music Festival – Arguably the most famous EDM music festival in North America, this massive venue has some high performance tech and speakers that really give you a whole new kind of experience, especially when combined with the EDM vibes.

Coachella – Probably the only time it is a good thing to be stranded out in the middle of the desert, Coachella is perhaps one of the most famous music festivals, and for good reason. Every year Coachella boasts that its lineup of stars is the best one around, and not too many people argue.

Shaky Beats Music Festival – A newer festival, this is a good one to explore for those balling on a budget, or those who want a smaller venue with more die hard fans.

Need more? Here are some other great music venues putting on events soon.

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