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BREAKING NEWS: Above & Beyond cancel Anjunabeach event

Just days after the pre-sale started for Above & Beyond‘s Anjuna event in Riviera Maya, the trance trio have decided to cancel the holiday for Anjuna fans. When the concept of Anjunabeach Riviera Maya was teased, many were interested in the potential of an all-inclusive event that featured Above & Beyond and other members of the label. The idea seemed like a perfect one and riding the wave of two successfulbAnjunabeach events in Miami and Huntington Beach, there was definitely hype surrounding something larger.

After the official announcement of Anjunabeach Riviera Maya though, there was a sticker shock for many as the event would exceed $3,000 prior to purchasing a flight. While some were still stoked, others took to social media to express their thoughts on the matter to state that they felt left out due to the high cost and clear exclusivity of the event.

With pre-sales starting yesterday, many had made plans and purchasing airfare to lock in lower rates. It is clear that the conversation about the high price and feeling of exclusion reached the trio though, and today an official statement was released to the Official Anjunafamily Facebook Group stating the event would be cancelled.

The full statement from Above & Beyond can be found here:


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