fancy monster – Adventure

Young Los Angeles, California native fancy monster returns with yet another mind-blowing tune entitled ‘Adventure‘. The refreshing intro which slowly slips its way into sharing its sonic space with the tones of an active bass pluck, pokes a familiar tenor to that off Porter Robinson’s ‘Worlds. In fact, throughout the tune, the simple vocal chops, dark ominous synth lines and overpowering glitch-like fills, whether minor or direct, pay homage to the North Carolina native who has made waves across the electronic music universe off the back of his new Virtual Self project.

Regardless of the influence, of the tune its fancy monster’s execution that does ‘Adventure‘ justice. The tunes phenomenal capitalization on this glitchy electronic ambiance blurs the lines on the tunes definitive genre. Without direct classification, somewhere between a realm of dark house and trance the melodic mastery that is ‘Adventure‘ takes listeners on just that – an adventure. Listeners would be surprised as to just how fast the nearly 6 minute tune seemingly ends. Not only does the tune draw you in through it’s ear-catching chops, but it keeps you enthralled with it’s atmospheric brilliance.

Although still on the rise, fancy monster has shown their promise time and time again with tunes like ‘Dearly Beloved‘, and ‘Open Nostalgia‘. Who knows maybe we’ll see fancy monster assume the role as one of Porters next protégés in the next few years? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, take a listen to fancy monster’s ‘Adventure‘ below via SoundCloud: