Linas – Lie Machine

UK up and comer Linas has been steadily making a name for himself over the past two years with a string of original releases and remixes, experimenting across multiple genres and sounds. From the deep grooves of “Superstar” to the futuristic synths of “Right On Time”, Linas has shown no limits to his creativity and skill in the studio. On this occasion he returns with another top-notch release, showcasing his versatility yet again as he opts for a drum and bass vibe in his latest release “Lie Machine“.

“Lie Machine” is a drum and bass track that is perfect for the summer months, and guaranteed to set dance floors alight over the upcoming festival season. Featuring a well-designed blend of catchy synths and hypnotic vocal progressions, the underlying melodies and unique percussion also mix flawlessly together, with the drums and snare rolls providing the backbone to the track. With sliding basslines, intricate sound design, and an atmospheric breakdown all presented through a forbidding melody, Linas is sure to take listeners on a journey through the ominous side of drum and bass.

Add Linas’ latest single “Lie Machine” to your party playlists now.