Marcus Mouya – Blushin’ Around You

Just a week after his latest release ‘Get High‘, Marcus Mouya returns with yet another summertime smash, entitled ‘Blushin Around You‘. The Swede has a knack for producing catchy tropical summertime tunes featuring a fusion of pop and house influence. Coming off his fifth 2018 release, Mouya has had a stellar 2018 so far debuting new tunes one after another.

Of course, the new music is all a result of Mouya’s patience and class production skill. The DJ/Producer who has garnered support from the likes of Hardwell, Alesso, Galantis, Armin Van Buuren and more has a growing audience and only continues to catch the ears of dance music fans across the globe. As the dance music scene continues to expand at the rate Marcus appears to be releasing, it’s safe to say that we can expect plenty more from the Swede this year and in the future. Although Mouya may seem relatively undiscovered, his Spotify numbers may prove otherwise. The DJ/Prodcuer has racked up over 25M+ Spotify streams and amongst all else has even managed to come into his own personal Spotify curated artist playlist entitled, ‘This Is: Marcus Mouya‘.

Needless to say if his social presence may not exude his promise his music certainly does and ‘Blushin Around You‘ is a perfect example. The tunes smooth melody, gorgeously layered guitar lines in the interlude and body accompanied with the tracks pleasing sound design give the tune a recognizable ambiance. On top of the wonderful sound design of ‘Blushin Around You‘, Matilda Glantz provides the tracks stunningly powerful vocals. Impressive in her own right Glantz truly brings the tune together with her immediately impressionable voice.

Keep up with the Swedish producer amongst all his recent releases and take a listen to Marcus Mouya’s ‘Blushing Around You‘ featuring Matilda Glantz below via Spotify: