MARS – Darkest Paradise EP

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, teenage rising talent MARS is demonstrating his genre-blending sounds, songwriting abilities and preternatural vision for music to the masses with his latest EP ‘Darkest Paradise’. Having released his debut single ‘Us Against The World’ via Vital Records back in 2017, he carries on this positive momentum with three new originals on the four-track EP, with the final track on ‘Darkest Paradise’ featuring the Nightglow remix of one of MARS’ new singles ‘Wake Me’.

The leading track of the EP is MARS’ collaboration with Nightglow, an electrifyingly haunting future bass anthem with a bouncy bassline that is sure to get everybody on the dancefloor moving. Following this opener is ‘One Million Headshots’, where MARS delivers a catchy, free-flowing tune with a heavy trap beat that combines perfectly with Sasha Ogletree’s sensual vocals. Nect Up is ‘Wake Me’, which has a more downtempo, indie feel to it. Having become accustomed to powerful kicks and roaring synths in the standard EDM tracks, the track is a refreshing break from this trend, yet still contains an uplifting factor throughout. Concluding the EP is the Nightglow remix of ‘Wake Me’, which maintains the feel good vibe of the original, and fills it with even more melodic goodness as it adds new energy and life to the already impressive original.

Overall this is a momentous debut EP for the youngster, who is certainly one to keep an eye out for in the future. Be sure to check out ‘Darkest Paradise’ in full below.