Tomorrowland flights could be cancelled due to large scale air staff strikes

As Tomorrowland approaches it’s first weekend of two for it’s 13th anniversary, the major international festival is currently facing some intense travel scares for festival goers following the announcement of planned strikes from Ryanair staff. Fórsa, the workers union representing Ryanair crews, announced last week there would be a 48 hour strike between July 25th and July 26th which could affect flights to and from locations including but not limited to Spain, Italy, Portugal and Belgium. Although this is worrying news for all holiday goers this is especially troubling news for anyone hoping to travel to Tomorrowland.

The festival located in Boom, Belgium has plenty of viable travel methods, but with the festival being so international airfare is the most common method of transportation to many. All of this comes after several years of conflict between Ryanair staff, The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and the airline’s CEO Michael O’Leary. The Dublin based airline have expressed via social media that they have been contacting Fórsa in an attempt to halt planned strike action, and in recent news have agreed to a meeting with Fórsa at a neutral venue. However, no planned strike in Ryanair’s 33 year history has ever gone ahead, so this should give festival goers a little more reprieve.

However, with the scale of Tomorrowland, there’s never a reason to be too cautious. As it draws nearer and nearer to the festival, hopefully Tomorrowland as an entity take notice to this pressing issue if it does indeed affect travel for its patrons. In fact it was just last week where the festival revealed the full timetable breakdown for both of its enormous weekends.Hopefully there won’t have to be any alternative plans for anyone attending the second weekend of the festival. For the latest information on the developments between Ryanair and Fórsa we’ll surely keep you updated.