Vini Vici

Vini Vici put together massive BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

Israeli duo Vini Vici switched up BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix massively this weekend by taking the radio show on a psytrance journey. Aviram & Matam took the radio show by storm with their soulful 2 hour mix, turning heads and ultimately giving plenty a lesson in what the genre of psytrance really is. With their latest releases in ‘Where The Heart Is‘, ‘The House of House‘ and their ever popular ‘Free Tibet‘ remix at the tail end of their mix, there may be a lot of lead up to the popular tunes, however it’s truly a lead up worth the extended listen.

The massive track-list doesn’t include any new ID’s, however it’s one for the ages, with plenty of heart pumping mashups primed to keep you dialed in and on your toes. The status quo outcasts illicit new emotions and actions out of most with their radical, entrancing sets. With dates booked all over the globe until early fall, Vini Vici are getting ready to ride a massive wave into some of the worlds largest festivals. Needless to say, for those who are new to Vini Vici, prepare yourselves for a wildly unexpected ride.

Listen to Vini Vici’s two hour BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix here.