Emil V – Ready For Something

Finnish DJ/Producer Emil V has released a brand-new soothing downtempo single ‘Ready For Something’. Constantly experimenting with new sounds, Emil has been known to produce records of many different genres, including Future House, Deep House and Trap. His latest single, however, ventures into new territory as he slows down the tempo slider and channels a soothing Indie vibe.

Speaking about his sound and musical influence, Emil explained the following:

“I’d say I make mostly chilled house with an acoustic touch. I love to use sounds very similar to real instruments and mix it up with something electronic in a delicate way to make the most captivating and sentimental style of poppy house.”

Opening with an ambient guitar riff, the track’s relaxing mood is instantly established. Smooth, reverb-soaked female vocals and an acoustic drum kit make their way into the mix before the chorus quickly comes around. Warm basslines and bright trumpets combine to create a serene atmosphere, much to the delight of the listener. The second verse proves to be even more relaxing than that of the first, as the vocals and bass guitar are isolated, before the drums, pianos and trumpets return.

Be sure to listen ‘Ready For Something’ below and grab a copy here.

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