Kryder & Steve Angello debut official music video for ‘Romani’

On July 20th English house sensation Kryder released his massive gypsy-house tune featuring Steve Angello under his newly formed Kryteria Records. The tune titled ‘Romani‘ received a fair share of raving reviews and now finally after several weeks Kryder debuts the official music video for the tune. The video which follows a group of young Hungarian men, doesn’t really follow a straight forward storyline, regardless the video sure does inject a jolt of culture.

With ‘Romani‘ standing firm as an already cultured tune, the video depicts some traditional dancing along with the tune. On top of the visualization of the partners dances, the video also skips shots to the everyday lives of the group showing them going to the local club, finding love, and enjoying sport. The video more so shows every angle of the group of friends in their everyday lives. While there may not be much theme to the video, the one item that stands out is the video is simply fun. Bringing a smile to most faces, the tunes upbeat groove does it’s magic to uplift those watching. The infectious dancing, the lights, and the effervescent feeling of youth, pours from the track ten fold.

With such large names on the track, Kryteria’s overseer Spinnin’ Records, continues to hype the label following the release simply stating,

“The first ever Kryteria Records release is here, and it’s huge! How excited are you for the next Kryteria Records track?”


The official music video for ‘Romani’ is about to drop and we’re super excited ?

— Spinnin’ Records (@SpinninRecords) August 6, 2018

What will the next release be? Who knows. As for now though let’s take Spinnin’s word and simply enjoy the massive feel good tune with hopes there will be more to follow. Watch the official music video for Kryder & Steve Angello’s, ‘Romani‘ below: