The Chainsmokers are part of Billboards biggest hits of all time

When we look at breakthrough artists of the last couple of years, The Chainsmoker is certainly one of the artists on top of this list. The EDM group consisting of  Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall has pretty much shaken the music industry over the course of the last couple of years. The went on a tour through cities worldwide with their super successful album ‘Memories… do not open’. The album features some of The Chainsmokers most successful tracks, such as ‘Paris’ and ‘Something Just Like This”. However, The Chainsmokers just reached another insane milestone that has nothing to do with their LP.

After the duo cemented its top status and got voted on the 6th place of the annual DJ Mag Top 100 list of DJs, the ‘Side Effects’ producers, have now received a very honorable mention by Billboard. Billboard is the website for everything related to music charts in the US since 1958. Ever since that time, 60 years ago, the company has released weekly Top 100 lists with the hottest tracks during that time. Now, because of their anniversary, Billboard has released a list with the 100 most successful songs of all time. And, you guessed right, The Chainsmokers are on that list. But, not somewhere at a spot in the 80s or 90s, no, The Chainsmokers’ single ‘Closer, together with singer Halsey, has reached the 13th spot of the 100 most successful songs ever in the US. The song finds itself between the likes of ‘Hey Jude’ by The Beatles at place 12 and ‘We Belong Together’ by Mariah Carey on 14th place. The result is even more striking when you consider that songs like ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ or ‘Yeah!’ from Usher did not manage to surpass The Chainsmokers.

No matter if you like their music or not, you really have to give credits to the two US-boys for what they’ve achieved in such a short amount of time, after their breakthrough 2014 with ‘#SELFIE.