ali nadem

Ali Nadem – Galleon

The latest talent to be added to the Brook Gee Records roster is up and coming producer Ali Nadem, who has just released his latest single ‘Galleon’. Exploring two sides of the musical spectrum, the talented Canadian delves into both big room electro and cinematic ambience in his productions. Catching the attention and support of R3SPAWN with his electrifying track “Electro Saiyans 2”, Ali Nadem aims to tell a story with each song, utilising face-melting bass, euphoric melodies, and a signature blood-boiling stamp on each production.

On this occasion, he creates a high energy mainstage anthem. Wasting no time in catching the listeners’ attention, ‘Galleon’ instantly brings out the big room vibes with its massive roaring synths setting the rhythm from an early stage, before we are swiftly led to the emphatic climax. The powerful bass elements drive the energy at the drop, while the hard-hitting synths are designed to electrify a crowd and are guaranteed to get everybody on the dance floor moving. This brooding electro track is bound to get your heart racing and the floor shaking, and is certain to be another hit to add to Ali Nadem’s growing arsenal of music.

Check out “Galleon” below and grab your copy now.