Love Generation

Bob Sinclair’s iconic track ‘Love Generation’ turns 13 years old

There is no better feeling than revisiting music from the past, reliving some of our favourite tracks that we regard as ‘old school’ or ‘classic’. Perhaps you’re shuffling a playlist and one particular track comes on that evokes emotion, brings back memories, and reminds you of the good times you associated with that production. With that said, it couldn’t be further from the truth with French music producer Bob Sinclair, whose name alone instantly sends your head into a musical frenzy with a selection of his timeless classic tracks. But one track, in particular, might stand out from the rest. That, of course, would be his 2005 smash-hit ‘Love Generation‘ which has just turned 13 years old.

The first to track to be released from Sinclair’s fourth album Western Dream, ‘Love Generation‘ spread its love to all four corners of the globe, proving to be an instant hit as it top charts in more than five different countries around the world including BillBoard’s US Dance Club Songs. The track was, unfortunately, less popular in the United Kingdom where it peaked at number 12 in the charts. However, it is with no doubt the track remains a classic in every Englishman’s heart.

Bob Sinclair produced ‘Love Generation‘ alongside vocalist Gary Pine whose warming vocals captivated the music industry with the lyrics “Feel the love generation, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon“. But the track will forever be remembered for the infectious melodic whistle that is instantly recognisable wherever it plays. Rekindle the love of Bob Sinclair and listen to the iconic ‘Love Generation‘ below. Let us know in the comments your all-time favourite Bob Sinclair track.