Bonanza Twin

Bonanza Twin – Scrape Along

While Dance music traditionally has enjoyed a fair share of regionally diverse artists, it is something that the modern industry can and must promote. At the helm of things for Dance music in Central Asia, Kazakhstani duo of Bonanza Twin, comprising of Bagman and Armanuha, are doing just that in the world of Trap music. The two ‘Trap devotees’ turned their heads towards applying the traditional sounds of their homeland to the world of Dance music and production and haven’t looked back since then. Their first release, titled ‘Scrape Along’, comes with a stellar music video and a promising blueprint for what’s to come from the duo.

‘Scrape Along’ is a track that surrounds itself with energy. Building it up with mid-tempo beats and isolated vocal snippets, the duo seamlessly hint at what seems to be just another Trap song as vocals take over to carry the track across. It is only as the ambiance of the track gets heavier that it reveals the impressive influence of the Kazakhstani melody and rhythm – a hardcore style beat complimented with energetic vocals. If this is what is on show on their current discography, Bonanza Twin are assuredly a power packed duo of artists, who will look to build on their recent experience and head for the very top of Dance music beyond Central Asia.

You can purchase ‘Scrape Along’ from iTunes here.

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