Extinct – Lose Yourself

Amidst several emerging stars in the trance genre, there are plenty of unknown trance producers who are silently strutting their stuff and Extinct is one of them. The faceless and relatively new act has come onto the scene like wildfire, making an impressive first impression with many. The music speaks for itself and if you haven’t heard of Extinct (which is extremely likely) make sure to remember the name. The only bits of information we know publically about the act is they’re a Budapest native who has relocated to one of the many dance music havens of the globe, Amsterdam.

The track ‘Lose Yourself‘ follows Extinct’s second release ‘Illusion‘. The thumping tune resonates with users and keeps the ominous ambiance consistent with the acts previous releases. Creating an auditory illusion, the tunes use of reverb and spacial effects throw the listener into what initially sounds like a massive warehouse. The tunes captivating vocal chop draw listeners in and creates a hypnotizing atmosphere you can almost picture being played out by acts like Eric Prydz’ trance alias Cirez D. Occasionally mixing in light-hearted keys within the tunes break, and strategically placing fills which accentuate the tune and further bring it to life, Extinct has certainly started his catalog off strong.

Listen to Extinct’s ‘Lose Yourself‘ below via SoundCloud: