Knife Party debut new ID via first Knifecast episode

Universally beloved duo Knife Party have recently debuted their new podcast rightfully titled Knifecast. The multi-talented duo of Rob Swire & Gareth McGrillen has given themselves a platform where they can truly express themselves and their casual conversations. In their own words, both Gareth & Rob describe the show as “…halfway between a podcast and just playing music…” however, the hour and a half long podcast contains plenty of topics including everything from travel, food, movies, and of course music. Within the first 5 minutes of the podcast after a grandiose intro for the new podcast venture, the duo gets straight to the music almost in a radio-like talk show fashion.

No matter, the playful back and forth and conversation between the two matched with their naturally fitting radio voices suit the initial episode well. So well in fact, Reddit and YouTube lovers are commenting in hoards about the future of the podcast and what it can be. If there’s any doubt on the quality of the podcast, one of the episodes top comments reads,

“This was surprisingly fantastic. Probably the only podcast that’s ever held my interest.”

However, it’s the content that was previewed towards the end that really kicked fans into gear. Dubbed by Rob as “Knife Party’s first dubstep track in quite a while…” Knife Party debuted a heavy tune with hilarious vocal samples. The track seemingly makes a mockery of dubstep in a parodic style. However, due to its commercial sound once the ID is completed it certainly has all the qualities to hit the ground running within the dubstep genre.

Take a listen to episode one of Knifecast below via YouTube: