Martin Mix-Interview

Martin Mix talks about origins, signing for Spinnin’ & latest release ‘Lying’

While the crux of what constitutes today’s Dance music industry comes from world over, Germany has surely been one of its key contributors not only in terms of artists but also styles of production. Be it ‘Berlin Techno‘ or Stephan Bodzin‘s inspiring ‘Bremen Sound‘, the case for Germany’s status as the ‘creative city‘ of Dance music is easy to defend. Aiming to join these ranks and follow the footsteps of fellow German superstar producer Zedd, Kaiserslautern based producer and musician Martin Mix is looking forward to a successful career in the world of Dance music.

The 25-year old producer, who specializes in playing the guitar and the piano, took his early lessons in music by playing in bands. Only recently did he decide to go for a more ‘digital approach’ to his production as he picked up producing Electronic music. While relatively new to the scene, Martin’s second track ‘Lying’ with fellow German producer SLTRY, released on Spinnin’ Records – which in itself is no mean feat, shows significant maturity of production technique and bodes well for his credentials and the future. A well-crafted release, Martin Mix’ second on the charts lays a steady blueprint for things to come. Ambitious as ever, here is Martin Mix in his own words, talking to us for an exclusive interview.

How long have you been a producer/DJ for? Tell us about the origin of your music. What inspired you to pursue your career as an artist?

I actually started playing the piano and guitar at the age of thirteen and dedicated a lot of time to master both instruments from this age. Later on, I started to play in Rock bands, performing cover songs, but also writing a lot of original material and gaining stage experience. In 2015, I heard a song by the German DJ and Producer Nils Hoffmann and started wondering how he created this particular piece. I started following up on Laidback Luke and his YouTube channel and started to discover the world of electronic dance music. These were really exiting and sleepless nights. With that and a lot of experience in the field of studio recordings with my former bands, I started my own projects. Besides my studies in Geography and sports, I am also taking part in a correspondence course at the Hofa College in Germany to improve my skills as an audio engineer. I actually love the good vibes and atmospheres in EDM and you can produce from everywhere, even in your bedroom or on vacation.

Who do you consider to have been your biggest influences throughout your career that have made an impact on your productions?

My biggest influence as far as my music style is concerned, my all-time favorite Band ‘’Red Hot Chili Peppers’’. Their groovy and funky sound has a clear impact on my songs, considering the use of guitar riffs in my songs. But that is not the explicit style I produce in. Actual influences in the EDM category are Tujamo, Lvndscape, Sam Feldt, Robin Schulz, Mr. Belt and Wezol, Redondo and Joe Stone. Their sound is very groovy and transfers good vibes, which really let you fall into their music. The music starts to float.

Your new track ‘Lying’ is an absolute smash. Could you describe us the process of making it? What were the inspirations and main idea behind it?

This year I went to Nicaragua and Costa Rica with two good friends of mine. The people around there were so nice and the landscape was amazing with all the beaches and active volcanoes. We did a lot of activities like deep boarding, exploring the jungles, hiking on volcanoes and chilling on different beaches. I tried to capture the tropical feelings into my new song and providing an atmosphere of being on a beautiful beach and enjoying life. ‘Lying’ is a summation of the trip; the experiences I’ve had, the places I’ve been, and the range of emotions I’ve felt. Back in Germany, I was sitting in my studio looking at all the pictures and thinking about the great time I had and with all those memories locked and loaded, the idea for my new track was born.

How was it to be signed under one of EDM’s biggest labels Spinnin’ Records? What advice would you give to aspiring producers who try to make themselves a name in the industry?

I didn’t even realize it, when I received an email by Marten Visser, that Spinnin’ is interested to sign my track ‘’See You’’ in to Talent Pool. He said: “Oh it’s a nice one, we like to sign it under the Talent Pool label.”

I didn’t expect it, because I wrote Spinnin’ Records a half year before, so I was very honored, because I wanted to release my music on this label. The most important advice I could give to upcoming producers are, that they make music that they like and work every day on your passion. Step by Step. Make music because you want to, not because of fame. And trust always into your dreams! And never disregard the social media and promotion.

What does the rest of 2018 hold in store? Any hints or clues that we could get about future productions and collaborations? Interesting gigs in the pipeline?

I have a few more songs in process and some of them are ready. I have a collaboration with the German producer SLTRY which is almost finished, so we make it ready and send it over to Spinnin’. Furthermore, my dream is to collaborate with Spinnin’ artists like Joe Stone or Mr Belt and Wezol. I finished a track, which perfectly fits to their kind of music. Moreover I try to reach out Zedd, because he is from my hometown and hopefully he will support me to forward my career as an artist, because I hope to be able to make a living from my music, the thing I hope most for.

You can purchase Martin’s single ‘Lying’ from iTunes Music here. Follow Martin Mix on Facebook here.

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