Morgan Page

PLS&TY’s ‘Down For Me’ receives a classic Morgan Page remix

Coming off his early August release ‘Let You Go’, Morgan Page just like most others, has been experimenting with a variety of genres. While his latest, ‘Let You Go’, was more towards the realm of Pop, the Electro-house producer returns to his familiar roots with the seemingly classic remix to PLS&TY’s ‘Down For Me’.

An aspiring young producer, PLS&TY has garnered millions of plays on SoundCloud due to his impressive remix and original discography, which only continues to grow. In fact, his attention grabbing originals have landed him atop Spotify’s Viral charts across Germany, Poland and Holland. However, it’s ‘The Longest Road’ producers’ remix that stands out, as he flips the distinctly future bass tune into something completely unique. Giving the tune a completely stripped down feel, the originally poppy and light hearted ‘Down For Me’ makes a dramatically club styled turn. Incorporating light, uplifting synth leads, roomy vocals – accentuated by the equally lofty ambiance and groovy house elements the track is sure to garner plenty attention.

As he currently dabbles among the most famous for his remix contributions to dance music over the years, Morgan Page continues to churn out quality tunes, both remixes and originals. Take a listen to Morgan Page’s remix to PLS&TY’s ‘Down For Me’ below:

Managing Partner @ Solid State Management. Musical fanatic. Ohio born and raised.

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