deadmau5 debuts mau5trap radio episode 002

After a masterful episode one of Mau5trap radio which debuted via SiriusXM’s BPM Radio at the tail end of September, the weekly radio show has returned for episode 002. This time the hour-long featured radio show is a Deadmau5 stand-alone mix – that’s right, no special guests or cameo’s just new music and that constant urethral Deadmau5 ambiance. With some new music to kick off the mix immediately, Deadmau5 debuted Monstergetdown & Rhyno’s freshly debuted tune ‘Tic Toc‘ which coincidentally coincided on the tunes release date. It’s evident major label releases come with some heavy support but getting your brand new tune some airplay on one of the largest global electronic music stations must be some feeling for both Monstergetdown & Rhyno.

After beginning the mix with some fresh new music, it’s no surprise that Deadmau5 keeps the party rocking by debuting a new unreleased record from fellow Mau5trap artist Eddie’s ‘Spiritual Contraband EP.’ The tune which is set to debut October 12th certainly caught plenty of ears with its enticing melody and hauntingly brilliant engineering. While Joel starts the mix off strong, it’s not just the beginning that entices listeners to stick around – it’s the quality. Between the new and previously released, the entire mix is chock full of mind-numbing brilliance. Hats off to Deadmau5 and the Mau5trap family for continuing on a phenomenal debut episode. Now we’re looking forward to seeing what 003 provides.

Listen to Deadmau5’s Mau5trap radio episode 002 below and visit 1001tracklists for the full setlist break down here.