Dzeko & Liu – Don’t Stop

Coming off the back of one of the summers top collaborative hits in ‘Jackie Chan‘, Dzeko has returned this time with another collaborative effort. The 108th most listened to artist in the world on Spotify with roughly 15 and a half million monthly listeners, Dzeko has turned around both top originals & remixes for artists like Loud Luxury’sBody‘, French Montana’sUnforgettable.

In conjunction with the rising 21-year-old Brazilain, Liu, the duo debut a massive bass house tune entitled ‘Don’t Stop.‘  With plenty of ominous nods, the tune exudes some similarities to Rezz’ production style within the core of the tracks drops. Dzeko & Liu take listeners on a groovy 3-minute 40-second roller coaster ride as the tune keeps tension rising at an incredible pace. ‘Don’t Stop‘ is an extremely dynamic tune as proof of the tunes melodic breakdown. In fact, the tunes break mid-section almost completely switches the tenor of the tune lightening up the rather bass-heavy production.

With plenty of eyes already on Dzeko, his partner in crime on this track, Liu, certainly makes his presence felt on the production. The youngster has a certain affinity for melodic house and places a signature stamp on the tune further solidifying his rise amongst the Brazilan staples like Alok, FTampa and more.

Take a listen to Dzeko & Liu’s ‘Don’t Stop‘ for yourself below: