Julian Jordan reveals he and Martin Garrix are back in the studio

After a long lasting friendship that ignited whilst studying together, Julian Jordan and Martin Garrix are working together again. Talking recently with Billboard, Jordan explained how their time at the Herman Brood Academy allowed them to both study and work together. Hitting the scene around the same time and dropping huge tracks like ‘BFAM‘ and ‘Welcome‘, the duo have always provided exciting prospects when it comes to productions, so whatever spirals from this could be phenomenal.

Whilst Julian Jordan has continued to release, his tracks have somewhat lacked the impact that they once had. This could be due to trialling slightly different styles in an attempt to broaden his horizons. However, it is unquestionable that Jordan’s quality has maintained its consistency and any release is worth keeping an eye on. Garrix is similar in that respect where his consistency has never lacked. Though he has trialled different sounds, the Dutchman has continued to peak at the very top, and his future bass influx mixed with the future house sound that he has used so well, alongside his progressive tracks, has kept him very much as one of the worlds biggest. The idea of these two artists working together is worth waiting around for, as Julian Jordan says that they are “working on something HUGE”. Keep your eyes on this one!

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