W&W’s Mainstage Music rebranded as Rave Culture

As one of the leading providers of all things big room, venturing out to psy-trance, big room trance, and progressive, Mainstage Music was always ahead of the curve. Bringing the freshest sounds across a number of years, the label bosses W&W have ensured that they push out only the best music. It may, therefore, come somewhat as a surprise to know that Mainstage Music is no more, with their new Rave Culture imprint taking over on all socials and future releases.

With a whopping 400k+ followers on Facebook alone, W&W have utilised this rather than creating a new page, and hitting the ground running with Rave Culture. All previous posts have been deleted, and the future is set to start now for the Dutch duo. This could be an indication that more NWYR music will drop, as their trance alias is already making a name for its phenomenal ID’s, yet very few have been released. There was also a recent post stating that “the Rave Culture starts Monday October 8th! Get ready!”. Whatever is to come, you can be sure that W&W will deliver. Willem and Ward have years of experience behind them, and only sign the finest music to their label, with the likes of Armin van Buuren, Headhunterz, and Andrew Rayel representing the range of genres that Mainstage supports. Upcoming artists have always had heavy support, with TWIIG, Maurice West, and Kenneth G frequently returning to the label.

The ‘Caribbean Rave‘ producers are embarking on something brand new here, and who knows what to expect. Things certainly look exciting for the future of both W&W and their label, so this is certainly something to keep an eye, and ear, out for over the next few months as things evolve. Check out the teaser video below, and get a feel for whats to come via Rave Culture.

Lewis is a 21 year old UK-based writer and editor, bringing interviews with Carl Cox, CamelPhat, and more to We Rave You in his 2+ years with the team. His musical preferences cover most genres, with a deeper love for progressive and trance.

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