Skrillex and Fisher perform surprise B2B in Australia

Shocking fans around the world, Fisher and Skrillex performed a surprise B2B set in Australia at Ministry of Sound‘s Listen Out afterparty. Skrillex was not due to appear at the event at all, Fisher was billed to headline the event alone, making the appearance even more of a shock. With Fisher’s recent viral fame and Skrillex’s iconic status, the B2B was a match made in heaven.

Fisher has been making waves in the scene for a few years now, but his true big break came this year when his hit single ‘Losing It‘ went viral. There are very few artists that have not dropped ‘Losing It‘ during a live set this summer, which is a staggering feat for a single record. The track has certainly become one of the most viral electronic hits of recent years.

Skrillex has been performing extremely few shows lately, focussing on production and taking a step back from the tour life. By performing less shows, Skrillex has made witnessing one of his sets even more of an exciting prospect for his fanbase. Before performing the set Skrillex get on the mic to ask the club to turn down the lights. What followed was a ferocious set of epic proportions, delighting the club’s audience.

Take a look at a clip from the epic B2B performance below.

H/T: YourEDM

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