Daspen – Love Me Back (Feat. Enya Angel)

If there’s a fast-rising music producer you need to keep an eye on, it’s Mexican born Daspen who is quickly making a name for himself in the electronic community. Having fallen in love with electronic music from a young age, the upcoming artist is proving his worth with each individual track the now-LA-based producer delivers. It was only in 2014 that Daspen dropped his first original mix – ‘Endless Summer‘ – and since then he’s been earning support from the likes of The ChainsmokersQuintinoMakJ, and various music blogs alike. Now returning again to demonstrate his versatility and that he’s not bound to just one sub-genre of electronic music, the Californian resident drops his latest release ‘Love Me Back‘.

Destined to earn itself countless streams and plays on top music streaming platforms, ‘Love Me Back‘ emits a sound that instantly resonates with its listeners. Approached with a personal touch, Daspen lays this track bare, stripped from puncturing basslines, and designed with such attentive detail, it is hard to miss the emotive power within the tracks melody. Of course, the very essence of this production comes down to the vocals of Melbourne electronic music vocalist; Enya Angel, who effortlessly delivers her soothingly soft voice between the breaks of the track.

Together, both Daspen and Enya have already proved themselves a formidable duo following their first collaboration together which resulted in the track; ‘Maybe‘. One listen to his track, ‘Love Me Back‘, and you will be hitting the repeat button over and over. Considering the music producer still harbours a small repertoire of music, good things are bound for the DJ in the near future. Take a listen to the brand new track below and check out more releases on We Rave You here.